Media & events

  • Food Tank

    Food Tank – a global community for safe, healthy, and nourished eaters – recognises “25 food and agriculture leaders to watch in 2019”. Solar Foods’ founder & CEO Pasi Vainikka…

  • Fox 5

    Highlighting the world’s hunger issues, Fox5 finds a solution in Solar Foods’ revolutionary bioprocess.

  • The Lempert Report

    NBC’s Food Trends Editor and “SupermarketGuru” Phil Lempert talks about Solar Foods’ innovative bioprocess.

  • Specialty Foods Association

    Dr. Pasi Vainikka of Solar Foods visits the Winter Fancy Food Show at SFA News to discuss renewable energy and its role in the food system.

  • Nikkei

    Solar Foods featured on the cover of Nikkei, the world’s largest financial newspaper.

  • The Guardian

    The Guardian’s weekly columnist George Monbiot discusses the crucial role of new food solutions in environmental action.

  • Helsingin Sanomat

    Solar Foods’ groundbreaking innovation and collaboration with ESA Business Incubation Centre detailed in Helsingin Sanomat – the largest subscription newspaper in the Nordic countries.

  • NDTV

    India’s leading news network NDTV highlights revolutionary innovation by Finnish scientists to produce natural protein from thin air.

  • The Independent

    The Independent points out to Solar Foods’ bioprocess as an answer to the global food crisis.

  • Daily Mail

    From fixing the global food crisis to enabling protein production in outer space: Solar Foods’ innovation gets highlighted by the Daily Mail.

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