Creating a platform for multiple uses.

Solein can be used in a wide variety of food products, and across multiple industries or consumer preferences. It offers a unified solution that caters to every imaginable meal or diet of today, while also creating opportunities for entirely new foods of tomorrow. Ideal for multiple uses, Solein provides an environmentally friendly platform for new food diversity.

Solving the need for new food diversity

Today, out of the 10 000 known edible plant species 200 are used by humans. Only 12 plants and five animal species generate 75 percent of our world’s food. Only three – rice, maize and wheat – contribute nearly 60 percent of the calories and proteins obtained by humans from plants.

10 000

known plant species


used by humans


of our plant-based calories and proteins are contributed by only three plants


of the world’s food is generated by only 12 plants and five animal species

species to be explored





Not only does Solein create new ways to enjoy food, it also offers equally limitless production opportunities. The bioprocess of Solein is free from agricultural boundaries and climate conditions. In other words, it can be produced anywhere around the world – even in areas where conventional protein production has never been possible.