The Science - Solar Foods

  • The bioprocess to sustainably revolutionise food production has always been around us – it’s only now that humankind has the knowledge to embrace it.


    The process takes a single microbe, one of the billion different ones found in nature, and grows it by fermenting it, which is also called a bioprocess. We feed the microbe like you would feed a plant, but instead of watering and fertilising it, we use mere air and electricity. This is 20x more efficient than photosynthesis (and 200 times more than meat). Unlike conventional protein production, it takes just a fraction of water, from the air, to produce 1kg of Solein. By using fermentation to grow protein, the bioprocess of Solein may not be traditional. But it is natural. And the best part? It won’t run out.


  • Humans have used fermentation for thousands of years, brewing beer or making wine with single-celled organisms i.e. yeast. We have the same process but instead of sugar and yeast, we milk water from the air for the microorganisms to live in and feed them tiny bubbles of CO2, as well as nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, which plants normally absorb through their roots from the soil. The microorganisms grow and multiply in the water taken from the air. It is dried out and you end up with a nutrient-rich powder. We call it Solein.

  • With an extraordinary harvest

  • This is a completely new way for humanity to harvest food. Solein is made up of whole cells that are 65-70% protein. The macronutrient composition of the cells is very similar to that of dried soy or algae. Harvesting single-cell protein from nature for food was not possible for hunter-gatherers 100,000 years ago, or the modern human race up until today. Solar Foods has made it possible for humankind to now enjoy a new kind of harvest.